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As an executive, you aim at making a good impression when applying in or from the DACH region. Ultimately, you have a lot of valuable experience, skills and track records to contribute to a new employer.
Since you are a very busy person who has other things to do than spending hours on writing a convincing resume/CV that impresses HR managers, why not hire an expert to do the job for you?
💡 The benefits of hiring an expert in this field are that he or she knows how to create a perfect German CV following the specific principles:
✒️ Different language requirements, general style, look & feel: While English CVs and resumes use a more active way of describing tasks (“managing a team of”), it is common in German CVs to focus on substantives (“Führung eines Teams”).
✒️ Different design requirements: The German and European design requires a professional photo and personal details such as birthday and marital status etc. The English design is kept deliberately simple and concise, includes no photo and no personal details.
👉 The same requirements need to be considered when translating CVs and resumes. A literal translation of your CV, maybe even by a translation machine, will for sure not be helpful. The HR professional will recognize that you did not take the time to familiarize yourself with the requirements of German CVs. A culturally adopted style is as important as the talents you want to bring across.
📌 I have been writing, updating and translating resumes and CVs into German and into English for more than 14 years, mainly for executives, senior managers and specialists from various industries.

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