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Area of Expertise: HR/Finance/Engineering

“If you are looking for someone who can delivery precise and quick translations under some “time pressure”? Britta Weber is the right person for you.

We needed many translations within a very short time.

These were of high quality and delivered within the given time. Thank you, Britta Weber, for this excellent cooperation.”

(Interim manager at an international manufacturer of electronic devices)

Area of Expertise: IT

„The translation office Translation Weber (Britta Weber) from Frankfurt, which specializes mainly in IT translations, has translated my manual on Microsoft Project professionally, conscientiously and with dedication. This enabled me to bring it to the English-speaking market and to address customers in the USA as well as in the UK.

Since I frequently conduct training courses on Microsoft Project in English, it is also a good help for the participants to have the content available in English immediately.

Translation Weber or Britta Weber convinced me with her IT expertise, industry knowledge and linguistic implementation. The communication during the entire project was excellent and Ms. Weber not only provided the classic translation but also many helpful hints on the didactic description of the program functions.

It was a very pleasant cooperation, and I look forward to our next project. Therefore, I can highly recommend Britta Weber when it comes to translations in the IT environment.”
(Publisher of a manual for Microsoft Project)

Area of Expertise: IT

“We have utilized the translation talents of Britta since 2008 when we first started our channel program at … She has translated everything from sales briefs and competency guide books to complex technical documentations, specializing in English to German translations. She has translated very high profile presentations for our Conferences, learning portal, marketing briefs and channel notes where the final product is seen by thousands and has to be perfect.

With such high-profile translations comes a requirement for a translator with a keen attention to detail and someone who is unafraid to challenge the author when the original text doesn’t make sense. Britta is a superb translator with great attention to detail and is a known perfectionist. If something isn’t correct in the original text she has the skills and the confidence, from her past working in a consulting firm, to reach out with suggestions on making it better. She not only produces excellent work but can keep to a schedule and with a smile. When we need the very best that money can buy our first choice is always Britta.“ 

(Senior Training Manager with a global manufacturer of computers and storage systems from Round Rock, Texas, USA)

Area of Expertise: Technology

“We hired Ms. Weber first in 2008 for the translation of a vehicle brochure from English into German and were extremely satisfied with the result. Since then, we have regularly used Ms Weber’s services and have always been satisfied with her professional and reliable work. The tasks are always completed carefully, on time and with attention to detail”.

(Senior Sales Manager with an importer of US vehicles from Munich, Germany)


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