The meaning of translation

Translation means more than just transferring content from one language to another (e.g., German-English or English-German translations). It rather requires localizing texts to convey a specific message.

The essential aspects to consider when translating content (e.g., German-English or English-German) are:
💡 The company’s communication style
💡 Company-specific terminology
💡 Country-specific industry requirements
💡 Target group and target market
💡 Cultural aspects

This is the only way your customer or partner really understands your message and how you can reach them. Ultimately, it is useless if you leave questions unanswered that may arise from a non-localized or poorly localized translation, e.g., German-English or English-German. He or she might not want to work with you or buy your product, service or solution.

I would be happy to help you prevent or solve this problem ( and provide you with a professional German-English or English-German translation that considers the correct content localization.

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